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Ground Beams offsite construction

The following interview has been taken from ShowHouse magazine. Check out their website here:

Aarsleff’s Ground Beam System has been designed with the housing industry in mind (alongside other applications), and seamlessly integrates with its existing piling and foundation solutions.

“We appreciate the importance of continuity onsite for efficiency, quality and cost reasons, particularly when it comes to foundation work within residential and modular builds.”

Says Nathan Follows, Aarsleff’s ground beams manager.

“Offsite construction is not just a buzzword; it’s sticking around and can provide a cost-effective solution to the existing UK housing shortage. Aarsleff has truly embraced offsite construction methods through our manufacture of precast ground beams. We offer numerous advantages to the construction market, ensuring high sustainability standards can be achieved efficiently and at less cost than traditional construction methods, such as in situ. During installation too, the precast products generates no spoil or hazardous waste to dispose of, consequently reducing traffic movement to and from the site.”

Aarsleff’s design service is also comprehensive and detailed. It provides a full design service from placement of order to installation of final structural member and uses a rigorous approach in the design of a scheme, particularly the engineering analysis stage.

“We try many different configurations on a scheme rather than accept that the first set of results are gospel, this allows us to provide a more economical foundation scheme that is beneficial to the client from a cost perspective,”

“We also use the latest 3D software modelling techniques in order to provide a more accurate and faster design time. During the design phase of a contract, we will also directly engage with the client’s design team on issues rather than just allow the client to do it for us, I think this shows a more proactive approach to problem solving.”

Aarsleff’s precast foundation solutions meet the widely acknowledged need for greener homes and the government’s nod toward favouring modern methods of construction by 2019. In fact, its Bespoke Ground Beam System can be installed up to five-times faster than cast in situ methods, easing preliminary costs and bringing several environmental benefits to the party to boot.

So before you dismiss the idea of offsite construction, consider the benefits that it can bring to you development – and your budget.

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