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Ground Anchor and Soil Nails

Ground Anchors and Soil Nails retaining systems are designed to stabilise and support natural and engineered structures and to restrain their movement using tension-resisting elements. Here at Aarsleff Ground Engineering, we offer a multitude of in-house services including the design and installation of both techniques, enabling us to execute programmes effectively and efficiently, shrinking cost for our clients whilst also reducing project timescales.

The anchor section of Aarsleff comprises several drill rigs. The rigs are equipped with flexible leaders which means that they can perform almost every kind of drilling work in every angle possible. With the object of creating a good working environment for the drilling staff, our drill rigs operate with loading of drill rod by means of a mini excavator.

  • Reduce deformations of retaining walls – inclined anchors in one or several levels
  • Protect structures against uplift – uplift anchors
  • Protect structures against overturning – vertical anchors for chimneys, masts, embankments or other tall building structures
  • Drill permanent piles where driving of piles is impossible.

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Design and consulting

In general, Aarsleff carries out dimensioning of the anchors’ injection length and dimensions, but according to the client’s request, we are also able to conduct a complete analysis of the anchors and present a finished design.

For large projects, it can be a financial advantage to carry out more preliminary investigations and install test anchors. The test anchors make it possible to optimize the project further – an expertise that Aarsleff provides within project design, execution and optimization. The suitability tests of the test anchors are carried out in accordance with DS1537.

When we install the anchors, the geology of the site often requires further optimizing of both our drilling procedures and injection procedures. Our experienced engineers optimize the procedures on site, and furthermore, we are able to get support from the special competencies of the Aarsleff Design Department.


Soil Nails Soil Nailing Illustration


We also have extensive experience of drilling against water pressure, where we use approved special structures to secure both construction pits and other structures.

Aarsleff has the competencies and the employees to price and carry out every kind of waling or cantilever construction as part of a complete tensioned product.

For more information about Aarsleff Ground Engineering or to send in your enquiry, call 01636 611140 and speak to a member of our expert team today, or drop us an email 

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