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The government has given a massive boost to offsite construction in the 2017 Autumn Budget stating that modern methods of construction would be favoured for public infrastructure schemes from 2019.

The benefits of driven piling and a precast concrete solution are clear – there is no spoil or hazardous waste to dispose of and reduced carbon footprint is achieved by the reduction in traffic movements. Our concrete is responsibly sourced using high-quality raw materials and manufactured under controlled conditions to BS EN 12793 and produced to BSI Kitemark standard with CE marking also. Furthermore, our Precast Ground Beam System is a fast, sustainable, zero-waste precast ground beam system for house foundation packages.

The advantages of driven piling are clear to see and UK construction must start to embrace it.

Among many of its installation advantages, precast piles considerably reduce the number of traffic movements required. Take a look at the example below:

2No 45ft artic deliveries of 250mm pre-cast which amounts to 370 linear metres of precast pile.

For the same meterage, the minimum diameter CFA pile (300mm), would need approximately 29 cubic metres of concrete which is 5No deliveries.

In addition, a CFA pile generates bore spoil which usually the client has pay to remove from site (and pay landfill tax on). This would result in about another 7No lorry loads (includes 20% bulking)

So for an equivalent meterage of pile in the ground:

Precast concrete piling = 2 lorries,   CFA piling = 12 lorries. 

Take a look at Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s infographic ‘Why choose Offsite Construction’ to find out more about its benefits:

Download here

Whilst the above offers competitive techniques that maximise your offsite build time our Soil Nailing, Anchors and Sheet Piling products combine to offer a bespoke package under one contractor. Aarsleff Ground Engineering look forward to playing a far bigger role in the industry of the future.

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