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Aarsleff Ground Engineering From the Design Desk

Welcome to ‘From the Design Desk’. A place where you can get your regular dose of design knowledge in the wonderful world of engineering, from our very own design engineers at Aarsleff Ground Engineering. During the instalments, you will meet the Aarsleff design team, hear about what’s trending in the design world, read thought leadership pieces and learn about the fine details of our design work before it comes to life on the construction site. So let’s get started!

We spoke with our Design Engineer Paul Lindsay from the Aarsleff Ground Beam Division this week. He kicks off this series by talking us through the typical design process of a project:

“We first receive the architects and structural engineer’s drawings and based on these, produce general arrangement and pile layout drawings based on the architects intent. We then calculate all the precast concrete pile loads in a purely structural arrangement. Aesthetics are not considered. Once our design has been approved and manufacturing details have been issued to the factory, we produce all the necessary drawings to allow the installation gangs to install the beams. This includes marked ground beam layouts, setting out coordinates for the beams, beam length and weight tables for the factory. We also determine how the foundations have to be constructed and which sequence the beams are to be installed, this sequence is shown in the beam weights table which also serves as a casting and loading sequence for our precast manufacturing facility Centrum Pile Ltd.

Once piling has finished, we receive an as built survey. The designers then assess the positions of the piles in relation to where they should be and identify any issues. If any piles are out of position then we, the designers, advise of and come up with any remedial solutions to rectify it. As beam designers, we also engage in a lot of dialogue with the Project Architect, Structural Engineer and any Managers, Senior Contracts and Project Managers, plus their site engineers and sometimes their groundworkers. A lot of the time we deal with the Consultants and clients management teams at Senior Partner and Director level. We also have a lot of dealings with the local authority building control and other organisations such as the NHBC.

Once the job has finished, our part only really finishes when we have compiled the client’s health and safety manual and issued information to them and the organisations such as the NHBC.

In essence, the whole design process can be quite lengthy with a lot of different areas to cover and can be incredibly complex at times. The job requires a very good eye for the smallest detail and total concentration throughout.

Aarsleff's Ground Beam Design Engineer Paul Lindsay

Aarsleff’s Ground Beam Design Engineer Paul Lindsay

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