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Give yourself a competitive edge and learn from one of the UK’s leading Ground Engineering and Geotechnical Contractors

Book in a 1-1 session with our Head of Preconstruction Ashley Carter today, and discover the advantages and common applications of these engineered solutions, alongside some real case histories, including exclusive information on the largest Soil Nail wall ever constructed by Aarsleff Ground Engineering in the UK.

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We will discuss geotechnical solutions for your projects

Ground anchors and soil nails are geotechnical elements that are used to support structures, such as a warehouse, bridge, and roadway, as well as stabilise slopes and weak soils. They are installed to restrain a structure’s movement and hold it firmly in place on load-bearing soil or hold soil firmly in place after excavation. Here at Aarsleff Ground Engineering, we offer a multitude of in-house services including the design and installation of both techniques, enabling us to execute programmes effectively and efficiently, shrinking cost for our clients whilst also reducing project timescales.

Although both geotechnical elements have similarities on the surface; they create minimal disturbance to surrounding soils or structures, can be installed easily, and used for temporary support or long-term applications, they each have different working mechanisms that are important to realise when considering their application in your next construction project.

Why book onto a 1-1 session?
  • Use this time with our expert to discuss your project and answer any queries you have about geotechnical solutions
  • Make it work around you, you can book a session at a time convenient for you
  • Aspire to be the best! learn the complications of geotechnical solutions to save time when planning and designing
  • Increase your professional recognition
Are there any hidden costs?

Quite simply, no.

Who should book these sessions?

Recommended for those in the civil engineering and construction industry, whether you are a contractor or consultant, small or large business of any size. You can book as an individual or with your colleagues.

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