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‘AarGroup’ – Highlight of the Month 🌍

Our sister company in Germany, Aarsleff Grundbau GmbH, installed displacement bored piles for new deep foundations in a residential building in the middle of Grevenbroich.

The restricted area site, which was within a gap of 10.9m between two houses, was east of a refilled open-cast lignite mine and suffered from poor ground conditions along with being in the centre of a residential area.

Aarsleff were called upon to install 13no. 440mm diameter piles to lengths of 11m. The advantages of displacement piling allowed for vibration-free operations at a reduced noise level on start up. This method also meant that Aarsleff could safely install piles in close proximity to the adjacent houses without compromising the structural foundations.

Aarsleff utilised its Bauer BG28H piling rig for the project, which not only provided flexible mobility within the restricted-access site, but also allowed for efficient construction of the piles, using sacrificial drilling tips and the latest automatic concreting processes.

Check out the full case study and video here.

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