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Aarsleff’s director Kevin Hague organised for a dumper truck to be delivered to his nephew’s house on his birthday. It was a fantastic surprise for him, who enjoyed every minute. Aarsleff believes it is these sort of experiences that stay with you forever.

Hubbway Ltd is one of Aarsleff’s valued partners in our supply chain, a company founded in 1965 by George Hubb, who kindly allowed us to rent their dumper truck for a couple of hours.

Mark Crow, Sales Manager at Hubbway Plant said:

Let’s hope the experience can attract our next generation of workers!

Indeed, we believe young children should be encouraged to build things in their free time, whether that’s by building a snowman, sculpting a sand-castle, or simply creating a structure using Lego bricks.

According to the BBC, there are many reasons why children enjoy building things; the primary one is because a construction activity is an example of open-ended play. This allows them the opportunity to manipulate their environment in any way they want to, using materials to form a larger object from smaller ones. Building things increases their fine and large motor skills, hand-eye coordination and visual and spatial awareness; skills that are essential in Early Years development and form the foundations for things like writing. Also, building something gives children immense satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment, which is great for their confidence and sense of independence.

Let’s continue to inspire the next generation of construction and engineering workers from an early age. What experiences in construction and engineering do you remember most as a child?