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Second Photo Richard Judd

Richard Judd is one of Aarsleff’s Rig Operators. He joined us at the ripe age of 23 where he first drove a Hitachi – one of the biggest rigs at the time in the UK! Richard is now one of our longest serving drivers, having been with us for 24 years this week. The first job Judd worked on with Aarsleff was on the A1 Wetherby to Dishfourth road widening scheme driving the Hitachi no 6 and installing steel h-section beams.

We spoke with Richard on achieving this milestone as he reminisces about his time here, documented by some nice vintage snaps!

The photo below shows the first rig I drove for Aarsleff. It was for a big job at Immingham docks:














Here is the Hitachi 5 in Arhus Denmark in 2000, 18 years ago, back when we were named Aarsleff Piling:












Sheet piling at Dover beach now:














Rig freshly painted in Newark, outside the old fitting shop:











This one I drove in Poland in 2009:













I also drove Hitachi no 2 in Poland, 2010:













This is the Jack up in Denmark I drove piles off 2000:











Finally, in Poland with 1in 3 back raking piles:













I’ve enjoyed every day that I’ve worked for Aarsleff Ground Engineering. One could say that Aarsleff is in my blood. I love what I do. Keep on driving

Thanks, Richard, and Congratulations on achieving this fantastic milestone.