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Janak Tank Aarsleff Graduate

Aarsleff Ground Engineering, one of the UK’s leading foundation contractors, is pleased to welcome Graduate Engineer Janak Tank into the business this week. In 2015, we established our Graduate Scheme which enables graduates like Janak to develop their careers, not only in technical excellence but also other aspects of equal importance such as commercial awareness, mentoring of others, and contributing positively to the growth and development of Aarsleff into the future. We are committed to providing training and development for all employees to optimise personal performance and contribution to the company. We had a chat with Janak in his first-week at Aarsleff.

Tell us a bit about your background

I am an enthusiastic individual from Leicester and have recently completed a degree in Civil Engineering at Nottingham Trent University. The nature of my degree has allowed me to gain a firm understanding of theories and principles related to the construction industry. I also completed a 13-month placement for a surveying company which was my first experience within the engineering sector.

What are you looking forward to in working for Aarsleff?

Fascinated by the company’s history of Ground Engineering, core brand values and a mission to strive for opportunities, I plan to be part of the journey from an early stage of my career. I look forward to learning from senior engineers and to gain experience from all aspects of the business to get the most from Aarsleff’s graduate programme.

Please mention any specific projects you’ve worked on that are notable – what was your role in them? What did you help achieve?

During my placement year, as an Assistant Surveyor, I carried out Land, Building and Utility surveys drawings for Jaguar Land Rover in their manufacturing plant in Halewood, Liverpool. The drawings produced helped architects and designers identify key features of the surroundings and allowed them to expand their manufacturing plant due to the high demand of vehicles.

Any thoughts for the future?

I plan to peruse my career with Aarsleff Ground Engineering and progress towards Chartership status. I look forward to working in all departments of the company to gain a thorough understanding of how the business operates. Knowing that Aarsleff operates on a worldwide scale, I look forward to working on exciting new projects abroad where I can achieve my own personal and career goals.

Thanks Janak

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