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Engage Survey Quote 1

44 members of staff at Aarsleff completed an engagement survey and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Aarsleff Ground Engineering scored higher than other UK organisations for overall workplace engagement, including:

  • Relationships – Trust, Support, Respect, and Inclusion
  • Role – Challenging Work, Autonomy, Involvement and Clear Direction
  • Reward – Appreciation, Learning, Development

The seven factors contributing to Workplace Engagement include:

  1. Freedom – Flexibility to choose and make decisions
  2. Clarity – Clear goals and purpose
  3. Recognition – Praise and appreciation
  4. Growth – Opportunities to develop
  5. Voice – Ideas and Opinions respected
  6. Togetherness – Cooperation, Support and Trust
  7. Challenge – Enjoyable and relevant work

Results indicated that overall, Aarsleff’s wellbeing is very good. The majority of staff reported good levels of Workplace Engagement and a positive experience of working at Aarsleff Ground Engineering.

In answer to the question, What gives you a buzz at work? See below for a selection of Aarsleff’s staff responses:

Fast paced, constantly changing challenges and environment

The fact it is a very technically demanding role that allows you to constantly use your brain

Going home knowing that I have done my best

Being instrumental in the development of others

Having the support from my manager to further my development

Achieving something that I didn’t know I was capable of

The sense of achievement when solving a problem and completing a project