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Newark Emmaus Trust
Aarsleff Ground Engineering has selected Newark Emmaus Trust as its charity to support in March, April, May and June. We met with project manager Rose Makings and Deputy Manager John Hudson to find out about the wonderful work they do for young homeless people in the area:
Hi Rose. Quite simply, who are NET?

Newark Emmaus Trust is a local charity who provide support and housing for young people aged 16-25 years. This includes specialised housing for mums and babies. We were first established in 1994 with 6-bed spaces. Now in 2018, we have 34. In 1993, a lady named Betty Ellison Findlay found a young man sleeping in her back garden. With care and a good heart, she took him to the church to provide him with immediate aid and a shelter. Recognising the urgent need for housing young people, the Newark Emmaus trust was established a year later by the Newark Christian Council.

Where do the young people stay?

We provide various types of accommodation situated in Newark and all within walking distance of the town centre. Our houses are fully furnished and equipped including soft furnishings, bedding and towels as well as laundry facilities. There is also 24-hour professional support available to residents.

John, how would you describe living at NET?

It feels like a community – very family-friendly. We don’t just provide shelter, we also provide support and key learning classes. We teach them life skills to encourage their independence. We have our own purpose-built training centre where you can attend a City & Guilds training course and get involved in lots of different activities whilst gaining a recognised qualification. There are always events and activities taking place. These can range from decorating projects and furniture upcycling to crafts and cookery. We also arrange activity days to places like York, Newark Civil War Museum, Narrow Boats and Go Ape!

Who can live at the Trust?

Anyone aged between 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless is entitled to apply for support from us. Priority will be given to young people with a local connection. From February 1994 to February 2018, the Trust has accommodated a total of 600 residents.

How are you funded?

The main revenue comes from central Government sources, capital grants from National Charities, Donations by local people and from Newark Emmaus Trust Trading Company…and of course generous businesses like yourselves.

And finally, what is your favourite thing about working here?

John and I both come from a youth work background. It can be hard at times of course, but we do it for the young people. When we see one of our young residents a few years after they have moved out of our homes, and they speak to us about how well they are doing, it makes everything worth it. It is so rewarding. I hope that we can keep doing this and grow from strength to strength. There are too many homeless young people in the UK, and little accommodation for them, therefore it is crucial we are funded and continue to grow.

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

We would like to be a sustainable organisation, and be able to provide even more housing for those in need.

Thank you

For more information on Newark Emmaus Trust or to donate, please visit:

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