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Aarsleff Ground Engineering support AGE UK Nottinghamshire as chosen charity

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has selected AGE UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire as its charity to support in February, March and April. Aarsleff’s Marketing Assistant Harrison Marshall-Lack visited the Sybil Levin Day Care Centre in Nottingham, which provides support for people suffering with dementia and their families, to learn more about the amazing work they do.

The centre, which is based in Nottingham, provides specialist care for people living with dementia who can come for the day to take part in activities. The small team of dedicated staff and volunteers put on a variety of activities for users to take part in, ensuring that people who suffer from dementia have an enjoyable experience, along with providing a full cooked lunch and companionship support.

 “Here at the Sybil Levin centre, we provide a range of activities for people who suffer from dementia, from quizzes and arts and craft, to flower arranging and reminiscence activities.”

Michelle Sanderson, manager of the centre explained,

 “We provide a healthy cooked lunch, as well as provide companionship and support, if that be having a haircut or bathing, and we also provide some support for the carers when they drop off/pick up their loved ones.”

Aarsleff were taken on a tour around the centre, which has a large sitting room, dining area and even a salon!

 “People who come to the centre can book to have a bath whilst they are here. We recently got a walk-in bath installed, which helps our users get in and out easily; something they may not be able to do at home or with their carer.”

Charlie Naylor, deputy manager at the centre, took us on the tour and also talked about the Reminiscence Pods they have at the centre.

 “We currently have two Reminiscence Pods set up; one like a 1940’s sweet shop and another set out like a bar with pretend alcohol pumps. These pods help stimulate memories and give people the opportunity to do activities that they would not be able to do outside the centre.”

The Sybil Levin centre has an average of 24 people living with dementia visiting the centre every day of the week, with demand still rising. Maggie Ross, Fundraising Director for AGE UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire, talked about the continuous need for support,

“We are one of the largest local and independent charities providing a wide range of services for older people from all communities and backgrounds. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life and promote the wellbeing of older people. The support of generous companies like Aarsleff Ground Engineering putting on fundraising activities and sponsorship can allow us to reach and support more people within the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire district.”

Aarsleff are delighted to be supporting the AGE UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire and the amazing work they do for older people. Find out more about the Sybil Levin Day Centre and how to support AGE UK by visiting