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Mait Baby Rig, Drill Rig
Limited Access Drilling Rig

As part of Aarsleff Ground Engineering’s Geotechnical Month, we would like to introduce you to some of our favourite machines used by the geotechnical division.

The Mait Baby Drill is the perfect limited access rig. The rig can get in areas where large machines only dream of entering, such as inside elevator shafts, inside buildings, under low head roof and low headroom conditions. Aarsleff has employed the Baby Rig in many of our ground engineering projects, particularly when working on railway projects where space is limited! In fact, the rig is so compact it can enter through a 3.3ft wide door. 

The rig is used when drilling in clays or soft soils and is interestingly completely remote controlled by the operator allowing him to manoeuvre the machine from a safe distance. Furthermore, the power pack can easily be dismounted from the machine and left outside of the building in order to protect the operators from being intoxicated by the engine’s emissions.

Another special feature of the Baby Drill is that the mast is telescopic which allows the Baby Drill to reduce or increase its height according to the headroom and kelly bar requirements.

Aarsleff’s manager for Ground Engineering, Dave Evans said:

A project where Aarsleff utilised the Mait Baby Rig was in Sudbury, Suffolk, where we were awarded the Tubeline ground engineering contract. Utilising the radio controlled baby rig with its 12mtr long telescopic Kelly bar, we installed some 400no 450mm diameter bored piles to stabilise the railway embankment. Access was obviously difficult due to the fact that the trains had to keep running throughout, however the contract was delivered on time and within budget.

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