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Junttan Service Technician Training - Finland

Service Technicians from across the Aarsleff Group recently took part in a week-long training programme held by Junttan, the leading piling equipment manufacture in Europe.

Two technicians from each of Aarsleff Group’s sister companies (Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and Poland) were invited to Junttan’s factory and training facility in Finland to learn more about the new Junttan PMx22 piling rigs. The course looked at the different types of hammers that could be fitted to the PMx rigs and involved coaching on the latest diagnostics technology – technology which is able to detect electrical faults and troubleshoot issues with the piling rigs.

Aarsleff delegates were also given a tour of Junttan’s factory where they currently build the new PMx22 rigs. The technicians also had the opportunity to be the first non-Junttan employees to use the piling rig driving simulator, developed by Junttan.

From the UK, Aarsleff Service Technicians Karl Martin and Luke Hemmingway took part in the training, along with:

  • Rasmussen and Morten Bo Wittrock from Denmark,
  • Jonny Karlsson and Jörgen Ivarsson from Sweden,
  • Martin Rohrlapper and Markus Kosel from Germany, and
  • Marek Wolak and Jerzy Kubowicz from Poland.

Talking to Karl about the training, he said

“Learning more about the new hammers and hammer weights was very useful, especially how to diagnose issues by the sound of the hammer when operating.”

“Being able to see how the Junttan PMx22 rigs are built was interesting, and overall it was a great opportunity to learn more about Junttan.”

Luke added

“Learning about the electronic diagnostics tools was interesting and will help us find electrical faults quicker, especially on the newer rigs in the fleet.”

Luke continued, saying

“It was a nice opportunity to be able to talk to the other Aarsleff technicians and learn more about the work they do. We were also able to show them some of the techniques we use, such as how to do a Ram test.”

Aarsleff’s Group Plant Manager, Steve Wilkinson, said

“This was a great opportunity for Aarsleff’s Service Technicians. With over 9 Junttan rigs in the UK, and 37 rigs in the UK fleet, it is key to have technicians trained and ready to mobilise quickly to assess and repair Aarsleff equipment. The more knowledge the technicians gain, the quicker they can troubleshoot and repair problems, and the less loss of time on site.”

Steve has been Aarsleff’s Group Plant Manager for the past 18 months. Aiming towards the mission of zero breakdowns, Steve has brought in new preventative maintenance systems to record downtime and faults, enabling his team to identify key areas and react before breakdown occurs.

Read more about the “Plant Life” at Aarsleff Ground Engineering in our website article, or get in touch on 01636 611140.


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