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Copy of 13th Day of Aarsleff

At Aarsleff Ground Engineering we strive to be innovative and invest in technology of the highest quality. For nearly 200 years, Leica Geosystems have revolutionised the world of measurement and surveying. This is a world Aarsleff wanted to be a part of. Known for its premium products and innovative solution development in construction, Leica Geosystems are number one for satisfying Aarsleff’s geospatial needs.

Aarsleff have invested £40,000 in brand new setting out equipment to be utilised in Aarsleff’s Ground Beam and Setting out Teams. We have invested in the Leica Viva TS16 Total Station, the world’s first self-learning total station that automatically adjusts to any environmental condition, and locks onto your target. The total station is known for having the most comprehensive imaging capability available, allowing Aarsleff to accurately capture exact conditions from any construction site. Aarsleff are now in a better position to learn the environment and to deliver accurate positions even in difficult dynamic applications.

In addition, we have also purchased a Leica CS20 Field Controller, which has a wider screen and clearer data. The controller offers a robust design and high performance, providing Aarsleff with ultimate control, convenience and complete mobility.

Aarsleff have already been out on site with our new equipment. It seems Christmas has come early for Aarsleff’s setting out engineers Ben McCartney and Richard Murray!

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