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Placement Student
Hi Hayley. How many weeks did your Placement with Aarsleff Ground Engineering last?

58 Weeks! From June 2018 to August 2019

What were your main duties during this time?

I have been involved in over 250 different jobs! My main duties have involved: writing contractual letters in response to Orders / Letters of Intent received from clients; negotiating the Terms and Conditions of Contract (this can involve various forms, including: JCT, NEC, CECA and bespoke); supporting engineering and accounting departments with their various contractual queries; and, the build-up, demonstration and final account settlement of claims.

What new skills have you learnt?

Due to the work I have carried out, my understanding of English Contractual law and the different forms of contracts and their respective clauses has massively improved, enabling me to work more independently without relying on my manager to review my work.

Can you recall your first day with Aarsleff?

I can. I received a company induction which comprised a health and safety, IT and display screen equipment induction as well as a tour of the office and the Centrum Pile manufacturing factory – meeting lots of new people along the way.






How about your first task?

My placement supervisor Clare asked me to research the different piling and ground engineering techniques offered by Aarsleff. At University, we had briefly covered different types of piling however, this was focused more towards piling options for the foundations of residential and commercial buildings, not specialist retaining walls and other structures. During my first day I learned a lot about different ground engineering applications such as soil nails and ground anchors that I hadn’t heard of before.







What else have you been involved in?

I have had my first experience of corporate hospitality with several trips up to St James Park for the football where I have hosted clients. I have also represented Aarsleff Ground Engineering at the Nottingham Trent University Careers Fair, helping to attract new talent to the company and tell students about my own personal experiences at the company during my placement year. I have attended the Celebrating Construction Awards (East Midlands) 2019, where Aarsleff won ‘Civil Engineering Project of the Year’ for the ground engineering work completed in Rochdale.






How has your placement with Aarsleff benefited your personal and professional development?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement experience. When I have been presented with challenges, I have been able to overcome them. I have really benefited through everything I have learned in the past year and all the experience I have gained will be invaluable in my final year at University. Doing a placement has also given me a useful insight into the construction industry and the common problems that occur, all the connections I have made throughout my placement will also be useful when performing research for my dissertation. I am delighted to be working at Aarsleff part-time during my final year to continue my on-the-job training, before returning to he business as a Graduate Placement Quantity Surveyor in June 2020.

Thank you!

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