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Aarsleff Tobias Andersen

In October of last year, we welcomed 18-year-old Tobias Andersen into the business. 10 months later and we’ve now said our goodbyes. It has been a pleasure working with Tobias, and we’d like to extend a huge thank you for all his hard work and effort. His positive attitude and enthusiasm (and ever-changing hairstyles) will be greatly missed! We wish Tobias the best both professionally and personally as he moves to Denmark for his studies. We spoke with Tobias upon completion placement with Aarsleff Ground Engineering.


Tobias Andersen



Where are you from?

Hamburg, Germany.                                             

What work have you been involved in whilst working here?

Initially, I was employed as a Marketing Assistant to support our Marketing Coordinator Jess with various tasks regarding social media/web presence, careers fairs, PR and general advertisement. Following on from this I was transferred to the Estimating Department where I became the Estimating Administrator. Here I was responsible for the preliminary assessment/review of the incoming enquiries and keeping our CRM system up to date, as well as dealing with a variety of administrative tasks concerning the department.

How long have you been working here?

I worked at Aarsleff for 10 months, from the 3rd of October 2016 to the 30th of June 2017.

You have worked at both Aarsleff in Germany and Aarsleff in the UK. Can you tell me some of the similarities and differences between two?

Starting with the differences, the most visible one is the dress code. In Germany there is none, so everyone can decide for themselves what to wear (within reason). The UK is more traditional in this area by having a smart-casual dress code. Another noticeable difference is the working hours. On Fridays, people begin to leave the German offices from 2 pm onwards, which is something that doesn’t happen in England.

In addition to the above, there’s also a difference in the way Aarsleff’s corporate social responsibility is facilitated. Aarsleff in the UK has a stronger focus on this part of our mission statement, incorporating it as a part of the every day by supporting a lot of social causes in its local community and generally showing a great engagement in this area.

Further, there’s also a difference in the social media and web presence of the two. England has built itself a bigger audience by utilising the social media platforms available to promote Aarsleff, our services and what we stand for, effectively using it as one of its business development tools. For them having a strong presence here is something they put a lot of effort into, whereas Aarsleff in Germany doesn’t delegate the same amount of resources to it and thus is represented less in this area.

Speaking of promoting our services, while the German division currently offers driven piling as its central and only technique, the UK division offers a vast range of geotechnical and ground engineering solutions, extending past driven piles alone.

In contrast to these differences, a noticeable thing the two share is commitment and enthusiasm on all levels. In both countries, I’ve exclusively encountered people that had a passion for what they do and who didn’t just want to get the job done but get it done well. I’ve only experienced open doors and cooperative environments.

Do you feel the Aarsleff group share similar values?

Yes. Yes, I do.

What do you recommend a student does to best prepare for commencing a work placement or work experience with Aarsleff?

I believe it’s important for a student in that situation to get a basic understanding of Aarsleff as a company, the techniques and services it offers and its objectives. Even if he or she isn’t going to be directly involved with the technical side of the company because I’m convinced it’ll help them to get the most out of their time here by preparing a foundation to build on.

How have your experiences at Aarsleff been shaped by the people that you work with?

Majorly. The wonderful people I worked with at Aarsleff encouraged me to grow professionally and to strive for improvement. They created a supportive environment in which I personally never felt that any question I had would be too stupid to ask. I truly enjoyed working with them.

Any highlights?

One thing that comes to mind was the trip I took to Wales with Simon Cottington to work on an article for our group magazine One Company. The article was titled A Day in the Life of Simon Cottington and was supposed to document what a typical working day can look like for a Contracts Engineer. On this trip, I got to visit three sites in Southern Wales, saw several of our techniques being carried out in real life and got to speak to both clients and members of our site crews.


Any final words?

I’d like to extend a big thank you to Chris Primett for making this possible and for allowing me to prove myself. I’d also like to thank all my colleagues for making me part of the team and giving me a great first experience in the working world. And finally, I’d like to thank Jessica Banham for her mentorship and guidance.

Thanks, Tobias!

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