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Geotechnical Design

Aarsleff delivered a complex geotechnical design and technique to treat unstable loose soils to support modern new housing development

In June 2021, Aarsleff Ground Engineering was appointed by Crest Nicholson to undertake the treatment of loose, unstable grounds on a new housing development located in the heart of Hertfordshire, near London. Phase 1 of the housing development consists of 8 new homes, with plans to build a further 10 homes in a second phase, due to start in September.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering carried out compaction grouting, traditionally used to treat a wide variety of loose soils with good drainage. The work is performed from the surface, and it is possible to drill through hard materials to gain access for treatment of low strength strata beneath the covers.

The first phase of compaction grouting took five weeks, using three of Aarsleff’s Casagrande C6-XP rigs….Read the full case study here.

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Learn about the technique of compaction grouting, we have a free downloadable leaflet which provides you with a wealth of content: Compaction-Grouting-leaflet.pdf (

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