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Aarsleff Ground Engineering Installing Precast Concrete Piles for Wind Turbine in Hull
Sustainable piling for Hull Wind Turbine: A quick and efficient piling solution was needed for a factory’s new wind turbine in Hull, UK.

A food company in the north England wanted to reduce its production plant’s energy bill and carbon footprint by using electricity generated from its own on-site wind turbine. Power from this 900kW EWT turbine would be linked back directly to the factory. The 67m tall turbine would have three, 54m long blades and was to be installed on a plot of land previously occupied by a car park.

Ground conditions in the area were poor, so piled foundations had to be specified to allow load from the turbine to be transferred to firmer, more suitable ground. Principle designer and contractor for the project was WindCare. It provided compression, tension and horizontal loading information to specialist piling contractor Aarsleff Ground Engineering.

“We suggested a driven precast concrete piling solution consisting of 25, 300mm diameter piles, which would only require two days on site to complete,” says Aarsleff operations manager Steve Gilbank. He adds that a pile length of 20m was required to penetrate up to 12m of soft alluvial soils to reach the underlying stiff clay. “The piles also had to be designed for tension and overturning moments due to the nature of wind blowing onto the turbine shaft and blades,” says Gilbank.

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