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Finished King Post Wall at Mansfield

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has recently completed the installation of King Post Walls in Mansfield for a new production warehouse. Contractors J Tomlinson awarded Aarsleff the design and build contract for two new retaining walls using a cut & fill operation that would level out the site, maximising the available space for the new warehouse units.

With an access road on the edge of the adjacent property, Aarsleff designed one wall to be constructed utilising a top-down construction method. This provided minimal disturbance to the road and a safe working area.

The second wall on the site was designed utilising bottom-up construction, with the back fill taken from the cut ground of the former top-down constructed wall.

Commencing works at the end of January, Aarsleff bored 62No. 600mm diameter holes and concreted the 254x254mm H-section posts in place. Aarsleff placed precast concrete panels to create  151 Lin/m of King Post Wall with maximum retained height of 2.5m. Aarsleff’s Senior Technical Estimator Ashley Carter, said:

“Being awarded the design contract for this project allowed us to create a solution that was cost effective and utilised the maximum space available. By engaging early, we were able to drive maximum value for our client. By understanding the scheme – particularly through the design phase – we were able to create efficiencies, mitigate risk and drive greater certainty of outcome across time, cost and quality”.

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