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Mansfield King Post Wall

Alton Cars dealership in Mansfield were looking for a retaining wall solution around the perimeter of their land to create further park space. Aarsleff Ground Engineering proposed a king post wall solution, of which Alton Cars selected as it provided minimal noise and vibration, was fast to construct and had a more aesthetic finish. The construction of the wall also had to take into consideration highway specification.

Aarsleff commenced work utilising its Klemm 709 rig to bore 31 No. 450mm diameter holes through the dense compact sand to approximately 5m depth. Once drilled, concrete was pumped into the holes and steel columns were driven into the concrete using Aarsleff’s Movax high frequency pile driver. Once all the columns were set in place, the 2.0m wide pre-stressed concrete panels were slotted into place to retain ground levels of up to 1.5m. Overall, Aarsleff installed a total of 62 Lin/m of king post wall around the car park, completing the wall within a fortnight of starting on site.

Jim Wilson, Aarsleff’s construction manager for the project commented “Coordination of plant and labour was crucial due to the extremely restrictive space between the dealership and installed wall.”

Aarsleff’s Head of Sheet Piling, John Storry, said “Due to the dense sand, we utilised CFA methods by using bored 450mm diameter holes and plunging the steel columns into the wet concrete. We also used 2m wide pre-stressed concrete panels which were bespoke built to be a single panel of 1.5m high for structural & aesthetic reasons.”

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