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Foundations installed at the Old Chalk Quarry in Louth, Lincolnshire

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has completed the piling and foundation ground beams for plots 1-3 and 2 garages for a newbuild residential development on the site of an old chalk quarry in Louth.

With thought given to the surrounding residence and slope stability, Aarsleff installed 75 No. 200mm diameter driven precast piles, 10 No. 178mm diameter steel tubes and 337m of the ground beam over a 2-week period.

Aarsleff employed its bespoke Banut 300 to drive the piles. Aarsleff’s bespoke Precast Concrete Ground Beam System is manufactured in the same quality controlled environment as our sister manufacturing facility, Centrum Pile, and is fully warranted together with all of Aarsleff’s piling solutions.

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