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Drilling and Grouting Steel Tube Mini Piling King Post Wall
Drilling & Grouting, Steel Tube & Mini Piling, King Post Wall for Saxton Gardens Heating Scheme

Aarsleff Ground Engineering completed the multidisciplinary foundation’s package at Saxton Gardens, on behalf of main client Leeds City Council for Vital Energi. The foundation works formed part of a wide-scale scheme to create the Leeds PIPES district heating network for the city that would see the heat created by the council’s Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) in East Leeds being used to provide hot water and heating for households and businesses through a network of underground pipes.

Vital ( awarded the design and build contract, and subsequently awarded Aarsleff Ground Engineering the driven steel tube piling, mini bored piling, king post wall, and drilling and grouting works required for the network’s back-up equipment at Saxton Gardens.

Specifically, Aarsleff installed 44No. driven steel tube piles, 16 No. mini bored piles installed inside a 4.5m Height restriction, 45lin/m of King Post Wall to a retained height of 1.5m, and drilled 60No holes to 18m past the existing coal seam & filled with grout.

Overseeing the project, Aarsleff’s Chris Purvis said

“We utilised our JS130 rig to drill 72No. vertical and inclined holes. Due to many areas of the site being close to the foundations of existing building walls and underground services, it was necessary to work with extreme caution and assess all risks prior to drilling. Having assessed detailed site plans, made suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks posed by those hazards and co-operated with principle contractor Vital Energi, we made sure any rules or agreed methods of working were strictly adhered to.”

Heralded as the next sustainable model for urban development, the scheme is expected to be completed by 2020. Should the scheme prove successful it could be expanded to other areas of the city.

Aarsleff’s Managing Director Kevin Hague said:

“Aarsleff Ground Engineering are delighted to have been a part of such a significant scheme that could provide low-cost and environmentally friendly heating and hot water to 1,983 homes in Leeds, saving over 22,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. Responsibility is one of Aarsleff’s core values, and this project really adds to our green credentials, plus it’s given us another platform to showcase our unique multidisciplinary offering for clients seeking a one stop shop solution”.

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