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Leads Road, Hull

Leads Road, Hull, is an extra care facility due for completion in 2017. It will provide  156 apartments with on-site care staff, non-resident management staff and community alarm service with the whole site wheelchair accessible. The site is being developed by Wates Living Space, and when complete will provide a much needed care facility to the local area.

Worth approximately £769,000 in total Aarsleff Ground Engineering was awarded the foundation works by main contractor Wates Living Space. Piling works commenced in May 2015 and were completed over several visits until completion in January 2016.

Specifically, Aarsleff was initially contracted to install some 1,648no, 200/250-mm square piles, together with 3,273-metres of 450-mm square ground beams. The 156 apartment complex required piling and ground beam foundations, due to the poor ground conditions.

The project was not without its challenges; specifically, the site constraints in respect of access conditions for further phases due to several trades being on site at any one time. Communication, therefore, between the client and Aarsleff was essential to ensure readiness for the working areas for ground beam deliveries and crane platforms etc. Aarsleff was also able to provide a low pressure bearing rig, Junttan PM20, which helped facilitate the install of the piling element of the works.

The project, which was initially designed by Aarsleff in conjunction with Wates Living Space and Curtins Consulting Ltd, is maintenance-free and not subject to ground settlement. Aarsleff’s innovative Ground Beam system was chosen as a cost-effective and quick solution, as it could be installed as an integrated element of the foundation works.

This residential install, on behalf of Wates Living Space, is an excellent showcase for Aarsleff’s Ground Beam system, as well as its ability to work closely with the client over a multiple-phased contract and develop solutions that add-value to the project.

Client: Wates Living Space

Piling Contractor: Aarsleff Ground Engineering

Construction Date: May 2015 – Jan 2016

Scope of Works: 1,648 no precast concrete piles. 3,273 lin/m of ground beams

Equipment: Junttan PM20, 80T / 100AT Crane

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