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london array

The London Array Offshore Wind Farm is located more than 20km (12 miles) off the coasts of Kent and Essex in the outer Thames Estuary in a strategic area the UK Government has identified for offshore wind farm development.

The wind farm was constructed in two phases. Phase one consisted of 175 wind turbines, installed on two sandbanks Long Sand and Kentish Knock and in the Knock Deep channel that lies between in water depths ranging from 0-25 metres. Phase one covered an area of 100 km square, and the total capacity installed is 630MW. Planning and construction extended over a period of 36 months from November 2009 to December 2012.

Upon completion of both phases, 341 wind turbines will generate up to 1,000MW, which is enough to meet the electricity needs of 750,000 homes and this is 10% of the UK Government’s renewable energy target for 2010. At that stage, the wind farm will occupy an area of around 245km square.

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