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Kessingland Wind Farm 2

A driven pile solution supplied by Aarsleff for the foundation to support the two 2MW MM92 REpower Wind Energy Convertors was designed and constructed as well as access tracks modified to sustain the wide and load intensive deliveries of the WEC’s.

Triodos Renewables awarded Carter Civils, under competitive tender, the contract for the 4MW Kessingland windfarm in December 2010.

Aarsleff installed a total of 60no, 400mm square reinforced, precast concrete piles to average lengths of 13m for the turbine foundations, to achieve the performance criteria required HCE Structural Engineers specified a 1 in 6 raking design which Aarsleff executed successfully.

Each turbine stands 78.5m high, to the hub and 124.8m to the tip of the blade, they strike an impressive view as a backdrop to Africa Alive! Wild Life Park. The wind farm is located close to the North Sea Coast, just 5 miles south of Ness Point. This location also benefits from the coastal wind resource.

The project, despite the weather at the initial stage went well and met all expectations of the Client and their representatives. Maintaining a good, friendly but professional relationship with all parties, the project was delivered to programme and within budget.

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