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Precast Concrete Piling

Since it forms the very basis of construction, piling is highly important as it sets deep foundations for all forms of types of work. Driven piling which can provide lateral support for earth retention walls, offering exceptional depth and resistance.

If you wish to generate no spoils or arisings from an installation, Precast Concrete Piling could be ideal; this is one of the geotechnical solutions we offer at Aarsleff Ground Engineering UK.

Precast Concrete Piling is ideal for urban brownfield sites and has been used for canals, coastal protection, water treatment facilities and major rail projects. In addition to generating no spoils, it eliminates the need for need for additional traffic in and out the site.

Specialising in geotechnical solutions, Aarsleff are one of the UK’s leading Driven Piling and Ground Engineering contractors. Over the past few years, we have manufactured and installed hundreds of 600 mm square section precast concrete piles, which are the only of their type in Europe.

When it comes to precast concrete piling, our team aim to deliver the most innovative solutions, working with project designers from inception to completion. We also specialise in Sheet Piling which can be used on schemes both small and large.

Discover how we can deliver Precast Concrete Piling.