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Need Expert Soil Nailing In The UK?

Do you need an engineering team that can make a slope more secure?

Soil nailing is a construction method that is used to rectify unstable slopes made of soil, or to allow the over-steepening of new or existing slopes. It also a good option for temporary evacuation shoring, tunnel portals, roadway cuts, and the repair and reconstruction of existing structures.

The technique involves inserting steel reinforcement bars into the soil and anchoring them in place, and can be highly complex so it’s important to choose a company that have expertise in this area.

Do you need a company that can carry out soil nailing in the UK?

Aarsleff Ground Engineering regularly carry out this procedure at a range of sites in the UK.

Soil nails are a cost-effective method for both short-term and long-term stabilisation of a slopes. It is also less disruptive to traffic and causes less environmental damage in comparison to other construction methods.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering can carry out this method of soil stabilisation to the highest standards. We offer smart sustainable solutions with an unbeatable geotechnical knowledge.

One of our most recent projects using this method was for the contractor McLaughlin & Harvey Construction Ltd, who commissioned us to supply and install the soil nailed wall to support the construction of a new IKEA store in Exeter.