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Need A Company To Install A Ground Anchor System?

Ground anchors are ideal for instances where soil nails are not an option as they’re capable of carrying extremely weighty loads to support a structure.

Designed to prevent horizontal movement while stabilising retaining structures, ground anchors can also prevent additional movement. Along with back structures and slopes, they can be used for cofferdams, dock walls and marine structures, where internal bracing can be a problem.

Ground anchors are a versatile form of earth retention and can be used in a variety of soil conditions. Both lightweight and corrosion resistant, they are suitable for a range of design life requirements and soil conditions. Furthermore, this type of support system is good for the environment.

At Aarsleff Ground Engineering UK, our team can deliver a wide range of projects, including the installation of ground anchors, along with drilling and grouting.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to the design and installation of ground anchor systems.

When it comes to soil stabilisation, Aarsleff have a specialist plant and team to carry out all types of drilling and grouting. Drilling and grouting is also great for waterproofing, soil mixing and various other applications.

Find out more about our ground anchor systems today.