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We are Progressive

Aarsleff Ground Engineering challenge perceptions. Whilst the UK Construction industry may default to large diameter rotary bored piles; in Europe and beyond, the use of precast concrete driven piles are often the Engineers choice. Aarsleff specialise in driven piling because it is a robust and cost-effective piling solution for many civil and structural engineering projects. Aarsleff offer complementary geotechnical solutions such as Sheet Piles, Micro Piles, Drilling and Grouting, Soil Nails and Anchors, and also embrace Modern Methods of construction (MMC) such as the precast ground beam system giving cost and quality certainty. The offsite manufacture of Aarsleff’s products provide a number of benefits with respect to QA, reduced energy and carbon consumption, durability and low waste, while their driven installation benefits from low spoil production.

We are Adaptable

Aarsleff have an impressive UK based fleet plant and equipment for all of its services and also access to Europe’s largest fleet of driven piling rigs. Both Aarsleff’s Junttan and ABI rigs types are highly manoeuvrable, modern piling rigs with low noise levels. All of Aarsleff’s equipment is fitted with the latest and most efficient hydraulically operated drop hammers. Aarsleff’s impressive range of equipment / techniques (inclusive of vibration and noise limiting techniques) and its offsite manufacturing facility are unrivalled. Aarsleff’s full in-house technical estimating, design, manufacture and installation teams, gives Aarsleff the capability to design and install various types of solutions for a variety of clients and projects.

We are Sustainable

Aarsleff are aware that all its activities influence its surroundings, both environmentally and socially. Aarsleff ensure that we meet 4 goals in delivering green engineering – Waste Reduction, Materials Management, Pollutions Prevention, and Product Enhancement. Aarsleff use displacement piling meaning there is no spoil, and subsequently there is no contamination which is important when working on brown field sites. It avoids excessive material, water and power consumption and strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in every stage of production, design and work performance. In the factory, the Harvester collects all the rain water from its curing chamber roof that can hold up to 75,000 litres of rain water. All the fresh water used daily to wash out the mixers is recycled. One typical day can see Aarsleff use 13,000 litres of recyclable water. Furthermore, all the rain water off our concrete floor area runs into the waste pits around the Batching Plant, and will be used as recyclable water going into its mix. In the manufacturing process, all the waste concrete blocks go for crushing to be used as hard-core. Aarsleff’s state-of-the-art Centrum Factory also enables it to manage materials onsite, and in turn reduce the number of deliveries to and from site, thus reducing Aarsleff’s carbon footprint. Pursuing the values of social responsibility, Aarsleff supports various charities throughout the year, and strives to recruit local talent and use local suppliers where possible.

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