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Aarsleff is the UK trading name of Aarsleff Ground Engineering Ltd, a subsidiary of Per Aarsleff A/S, one of Denmark’s leading civil engineering contractors. Since entering the UK market in the late 1980s the company has grown rapidly to become one of the country’s leading Driven Piling and Ground Engineering contractors. We offer complementary geotechnical solutions such as Sheet Piles, Micro Piles, Drilling and Grouting, Soil Nails and Anchors and specialise in the installation of:

Aarsleff’s sister company Centrum Pile Ltd has an advanced pile manufacturing facility to ISO 9001 standard, from where it manufactures and delivers precast reinforced concrete piles and precast ground beams to supply Aarsleff’s contracts.

Aarsleff specialise in the design and installation of foundation solutions and can offer driven Precast Concrete Piles, Precast Ground Beams (lift pits, precast caps, setting out, precast insulated floors, pile cropping), Steel Bearing Piles, Timber Piles, Mini Piles, SFA Piles and Geotechnical solutions comprising of Sheet Piling (retaining walls, propped walls, anchored walls, king post, permanent and temporary works, cofferdams), Ground Anchors, Soil Nails, Gabion Baskets (domestic and commercial use), Timber Crib Lock Walls, Drilling and Grouting (mine shafts, sewage, drains, collapsed minework).

The benefits of driven piling and a precast concrete solution in regards to offsite construction and MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) are there are no spoil or hazardous waste to dispose of, reduced carbon footprint and accurate installation.  Concrete is responsibly sourced using high-quality raw materials and manufactured under controlled conditions to BS EN 12793 and produced to BSI Kitemark standard. Aarsleff’s Ground Beam System is a fast, sustainable, zero-waste precast ground beam system for house foundation packages.

Aarsleff works on schemes from single plot houses to multi-use residential developments, wind farms (Onshore and offshore) infrastructure (rail, embankments, roads) and large sheds and commercial units needing a variety of pile types or geotechnical services. Aarsleff’s in-house technical, estimating, design, manufacture and design team engineers, gives us the capability to design and install various types of ground engineering and foundation solutions for a variety of clients and contractors.

Aarsleff works within the Rail, Commercial, Civils, Infrastructure, Energy and Residential market, delivering smart sustainable solutions to the country’s most technically challenging foundation projects. Aarsleff has a full fleet of rigs, machinery and plant including Aarsleff’s Junttan PM20’s and PMX22’s for the driven steel, concrete or timber pile installation, ABI Banut Rigs for residential sites with restricted, low headroom or difficult access, Movax Volvo Rigs for the installation of sheet piles and retaining walls.   The piling rigs are highly manoeuvrable, modern with low noise levels. All Aarsleff’s equipment is fitted with the latest and most efficient hydraulically operated drop hammers. Aarsleff’s advanced range of equipment and techniques (inclusive of vibration and noise limiting techniques) and its offsite manufacturing facility are unrivalled.

Aarsleff is accredited for Exova BM Trada for 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and OHSAS:18001 which assures Aarsleff clients that we produce high-quality products and solutions, consider the environment, and health and safety are a core value of the business. Aarsleff avoids excessive material, water and power consumption and strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in every stage of production, design and work performance. Pursuing the values of social responsibility, Aarsleff supports various charities throughout the year and strives to recruit local talent and use local suppliers where possible.

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